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Travel Companion

Travelling locally, overseas or within your neighborhood, you always getting someone to accompany you. It's best to travel with someone who is fascinated by the unknown places and new experiences.

It's very exciting to travel places together with your friends however at the same it is the time also stress-test for a friendship - being in new surrounding, different foods, different culture, different languages. To some, it is a challenges to your friendship.

Everyone knows how to blend it comes to a situation. On the other hand, imagine your travel companion refused to blend in. It makes the whole travelling experience more stiffer than enjoyable. When you have planned a lot for the trip, it is the worse could happen when someone dragging everybody down by not having together.

I traveled before with a group of 6, 4, 3 and 2. My best group is always group of 3 or 4. I will never go beyond 4 except for family trip - this is no doubt. The bigger group you joined, the bigger hassl…

2 weeks on Bali

Bali is never on my travel list. Making itinerary was less than 3 months, the fastest I guess. :)

I had a culture shocked while I was there. Most probably due to the timing. Upon landing, our driver has waited for us and I was still blur as I saw a lot of people waiting at the arrival hall. I was like... "We're not celebrity". Really really a lot of people.

On the way to Canggu, to our Airbnb villa, we stopped by at a cafe to grab some food to eat. I was so hungry. So we decided to grab donuts. Along the way to Canggu, a lot of beautiful shops, colorful, full of souvenirs. What amazed me was the road system. The road was so narrow however the amount of vehicles on the road, A LOT than my place. My culture shocked has not ended, it's just about to begin. Looking at the houses, roads, people, no tall buildings, I didn't see any fast food restaurant and there I was thinking, "Ohhh, this is it. This is BALI !" When we reached the villa, I was like "Yea…