Travelling to Taipei-Macau-Hong kong : Budget Travel Guide 2017

After such a long hiatus, unexpected blog break, it's me again blogging about my recent backpacking.

I guess it is an odd trip to Taipei then Macau and Hong Kong. Normally people do not travel this kind of route. People would just stick to Macau and Hong Kong only. Unless it is a tour. Yes, i checked through online, there is one company offering this route Taipei-Macau-Hong Kong via London.

I was thinking why need 3 days to Macau. Some says a day is enough to see Macau. I read a lot of blogs, almost 99% had a day trip to Macau. My last trip to Macau and Hong Kong was in September 2007. It was 10 years ago. That time, Macau was a transit for us to go Hong Kong. I didn't spend a good whole day in Macau. It was a brief visit. It made me thinking, what Macau could offer us in 3 days.

Building itinerary is a very challenging task when you travel with a group of friends. From accomodation, transportation, money, food, etc. Of course, 1 thing always our priority is budget. Trying to minimise on what we could. It doesn't spell to minus the fun. It has to be balance in everything.

Accomodation - This is our first time to try Airbnb.

4 nights Taipei RM1,257.00
3 nights Macau RM1,047.00
3 nights Hongkong RM825.00

Total RM3,129.00

Per person RM1,043.00

Flight + Ferry

Kota Kinabalu - Taipei RM177.00
Taipei - Macau RM324.52
TigerAir Taiwan
Macau - Hong Kong RM104.00
TurboJet (Ferry)
Hong Kong - Kota Kinabalu RM305.27
Per Person RM910.79


Madame Tussaud RM422.03
Macau Hop on Bus RM344.29
Taipei Tour RM391.90
Per person RM386.07

To Taipei Airport                                                 : RM 130.00
Macau Airport to Lodging                                   : RM 170.00
Macau Lodging to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal   : RM 170.00
Hong Kong Ferry Terminal  to Lodging              : RM 170.00
Hong Kong Lodging to Hong Kong Airport        : RM 170.00
Per person                                                             : RM 270.00

All tour were booked online. Booking online has the advantage. The tour company normally will give some discounts for tour being booked online.

We're using Octopus Card and EasyCard while in Hong Kong and Taipei respectively.
Octopus we used about HKD 250 / 3 nights and EasyCard about NT 500 / 4 nights. Macau, we rarely take taxi to anywhere except the day of arrival and departure. That's the only time we took taxi. The rest of the days, we used the free shuttle bus offered by the casino hotel. It's awesome.

Here the itineraries:
Day 1 : Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Nanmen South Gate Market, Lungshan Temple & Shopping Bazaar
Day 2 : Wulai, Tamsui, Lover's Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf, Shilin Night Market
Day 3 : Yehliu Geopark, Ying Yang Sea, Golden Walterfall, Jiufen Old Street, Houtong, Shifen Old Street
Day 4 : Taipei Fish Market, Eslite Mall - Eslite Bookstore Xinyi, Taipei 101, St Christopher Church (Mass)

Day 1 : Macau Ferry Terminal, Se Cathedral Church (Mass), Largo Senado and surrounding
Day 2 : Macau Tower Ticket with Open Top Bus ( Macau Ferry Terminal, Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Macau Science Center, Kun Lam Statue, Hotel Lisboa, Grand Emporer, Macau Tower, A-Ma Temple, Galaxy Macau, The Venetian Macau)
Day 3 : Self Walking Tour - Crossroads China and Portugal (Senado Square, St Augustine Square, St Joseph's Seminary and Church, St Lawrence's Church, Mandarin's House, Lilau Square, A-Ma Temple, Maritime Museum)

Hong Kong
Day 1 : Hong Kong Museum of History, St Rosary Church (Mass), Ladies Market
Day 2 : Stanley Market, Peak Tram, Madame Tussauds, Sky Terrace
Day 3 : Stanley Market, One Dim Sum, Prince Edward Area.

Well, it is not a typo error if you realised there were 2 times visits to Stanley Market.Stanley Market is awesome. Lots of bargain, lots of sale, lots of varities.
We attended masses while travelling. Beautiful churches especially in Macau. The minute I sat inside the church, i was mesmerized by it's beauty.

Food - we tried to capped 100 NT & HKD and below everytime we had a meal. Anything more than that, it is expensive. Well, it depends on surrounding, timing and many factors. We do share foods, some food portions were big.
Taipei RM 200
Macau + Hong Kong : RM 900

Conclusion: Per person spent about RM 3,920.00 for 10 days Taipei-Macau-Hong Kong minus shopping budget.

I am not sure whether it is the cheapest , medium or splurge budget. However, it is definitely not splurge. That's the best budget we could afford !

Happy travelling everyone !


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