Over the sea

Everyone loves holiday. Getting away from work, getting away from hectic life. I love to travel. There's always preparation ahead. I hate going to a new place without knowing a thing about the place. That's always the case that we always buy flight tickets and plan later. We always do that. The longest I ever planned was 6 months preparation. Me and friends were going to Korea for 2 weeks. We have to make sure we cover the MUST SEE places. FOOD.

But I do have colleagues, they prefer to pay to travel agent to do all the preparation. There's no thrill for me. Paying someone and don't like the standard itinerary plus you have to go with a bunch of unknown people. Arghhh.. I ever been once on a free ticket. Of course, you're meeting new people, probably that will be the thrill.

I, personally love to explore more on the city rather than following the standard itinerary. Travel agent itinerary sometimes is very rigid. You can't change much as there are other people like the itinerary. Timing. It's not flexible. You have to be on time to be on the bus. You have to be on time to eat. It's like you're going to school.

Before I go to a new city, I always check what are the MUST SEE places. I'll read and read. Forum, etc For accommodation, I do the same thing also, read. Sometimes when we google, the first url displayed, it become your main source of information. Sometimes it doesn't show the correct value. It's recommended to read and read different websites to understand more be it your accommodation or MUST SEE places.


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