11 Days in South Korea

To have the fullest fun, you must plan properly. Get the best plan and you'll never forget the experience you ever had. People always thought going to Seoul is expensive. Even my sister thought to spend RM10K for Seoul Holiday. It's ridiculous. Unless you join a tour travel, and yes, they are going to slash you out on every interesting places you wish to visit in Seoul. Joining a tour agent, to me, doesn't promise you, FUN. Sorry to people out there who loves joining tour agent. You got to walk the town in order to feel it. Go to subway, read the map, you'll get dizzy awhile. :) Seoul subway map has the most complex route I ever seen.

It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to spend RM2,000 for accomodation, transportation, food and admission (for parks) for the 11 days itinerary in Jeju/Busan/Seoul.

We travelled using Air Busan not once but twice. We flew from Seoul to Jeju then Jeju to Busan. Isn't it convenient? I was waiting the right time to buy the discounted tickets just like our AirAsia. If you're lucky, you'll get 60% off from your tickets!

Accomodation, you don't have to be choosy. As long the place is safe, clean, nearer to subway, shops, that's all it matters. I don't need a 5-stars treatment when I'm on holiday. I just need a place to rest my head.

Walk. If you're willing to walk more, you'll save some money for food/subway. On our Day 7, we walked from Changdeokgung Palace and Garden -> Buchon Hanok Village -> Insadong ->Ssamziegil -> Gwanghwamun Square -> Gwanghwamun Sejong Belt -> Cheonggyecheon.
Amazingly we survived. :)

Food. Yes, I admit that some food are expensive. But if you are really look around, you'll get food worth your money. Imagine, budgetting 15,000 won a day, do you think is too little? Think again. Our first day in Jeju was pre-packed lunch at a convenient store. It tastes great and comes with a free drink.


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