Budget Travel Part 1

It has been long time. I wish I had done it earlier. Anyway, its better than none.

I will always love, Budget Travel. I don't believe one should spend a fortune to get to place they love. You can see the world on a shoestring. Sleeping accommodations does not always have to be 5-star hotel. For me, as long there is a clean bed and pillow, it will be just fine.

You're probably heard that the best things in life are FREE. When it comes to travel, some of the places you'll visit require an admission fee. But don't assume that free things to do are not worth putting into your itinerary.

How to save money on Airfares? Draw up a budget and stick to your plan. Keep in mind that most low fares require advance purchase time of two or three weeks or even months. Also watch carefully for fares that are advertised at low rates. And that's what I did.

One of the blog I found interesting is http://budgettravel2korea.blogspot.com the blogger currently studying Korean Language in Sogang University, Seoul.

One of her posting  7 days itinerary in Korea : Part 2 I find it quite interesting. At the ending of her posting, she put "Anyone has better ideas to reduce the budget and any unbeaten paths to explore with this kinda time limit?" I would say, YES!

Her 7 days itinerary with estimated budget RM1,800.00. That means per day spending ~ RM257.00. What if I take out RM57.00 for each day and I add another 3 days ? Doesn't it sound cool?


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