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Budget Travel Part 2

My bike at Nami Island
I started planning in Nov 2010 for my travel to South Korea in Sept 2011. Yeah, it's kinda long for others to plan. For me, its a fun and joy. Getting to know place, is to walk the town. There is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a walking tour. Seoul is eminently walkable. The city centre and most of its attractions worth visiting are all easy to reach on foot.

I went to South Korea with my sister, my best friend and my sister's colleague. We went there for 2 freaking weeks. Here I want to share my itinerary. It's a modified version after the trip. We managed to go all the places listed in the itinerary.

Here ya goes! Jeju-Busan-Seoul Budget Travel.

Day 1 - Lazy Bird Guesthouse 19,000
Day 2 to 3 - Yeha GuestHouse 19,000 x 2 = 38,000
Day 4 to 5 - BlueBackpacker 20,000 x 2 = 40,000
Day 6 to 10 - Namsan 3 Guesthouse 27,500 x 5 = 137,500

Charted Taxi at Jeju for a day 33,750

Day 2 Air Busan from Seoul to Jeju …

Budget Travel Part 1

It has been long time. I wish I had done it earlier. Anyway, its better than none.

I will always love, Budget Travel. I don't believe one should spend a fortune to get to place they love. You can see the world on a shoestring. Sleeping accommodations does not always have to be 5-star hotel. For me, as long there is a clean bed and pillow, it will be just fine.

You're probably heard that the best things in life are FREE. When it comes to travel, some of the places you'll visit require an admission fee. But don't assume that free things to do are not worth putting into your itinerary.

How to save money on Airfares? Draw up a budget and stick to your plan. Keep in mind that most low fares require advance purchase time of two or three weeks or even months. Also watch carefully for fares that are advertised at low rates. And that's what I did.

One of the blog I found interesting is the blogger currently studying Korean Language in…