World Walking Day

I never know there is such event until Nestle Malaysia decided to organised it last weekend, 21st November 2010. The World Walking Day is an event to celebrate that simple form of motion we do everyday. Walking burns calories, tones muscles, shapes your body and helps de-stress your mind. There are so many benefits you could enjoy from walking.

Anyway, why I wanted to blog about it was because in the advertisement saying,
"FREE: ENTRY, T-SHIRT, BREAKFAST". I love free t-shirt. :)
Who would want to wake up as early 5:30am to get ready to go Penampang Sports Complex just to get a t-shirt? me. Started 6:30am everyone was queuing to get a free t-shirt and a milo drink. All participants has to changed to the t-shirt given. So we all looked the same. GREEN! 

The event officiated by YB Donald Mojuntin. The coordinater said for those who wear jeans cannot participate the walk! But YB did! hahahha

The walk. It was about 2kms walk, from stadium to Megalong and make a U-turn at library and back to the stadium. oo peanuts. Now, in your mind must be, "breakfast is waiting for me".. So they did. Reaching at the stadium compound, ooh gosh, everyone was queuing at MAGGIE MEE booth! I never know maggie mee is a healthy breakfast. And so everyone was joining the fun queuing, so I did. The cup given super small and I was super hungry. Had few cups for cereal, all nestle related products free flow. What a good weekend...

end. :)


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