Running again...

Before the run

After the run

I completed 21km last sunday. Feel good. Met familiar faces for 3 years in a row. But the participation this year was very low.

Here are the number of participations for Half Marathon Women Open:

2008 - 68

2009 - 92

2010 - 55

The figure does not look good. Most probably due to the change of date. For this year, I targeted to finish at 9am, to the max time. I have less training and thank God that I finished within the time given. At 4km, I started walking. It's super HOT! I wish the organizer would change the time.. again. When the weather is HOT, I barely can run. When entering the stadium, I ran to the finishing line as my watch showing 8.45am++ It just feels good to finish the run!

46/55 time 03:25:53


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