Day 4: Puh Jih Shih Buddha Temple and Sim-Sim Seafood Restaurant

At the bottom of the hill, there was a signage for the temple but when you were up there, none! The road heading to the temple was not straight up, it was S! It's a winding road which I'm not familiar with. At the end, I reached Bandar Indah instead of the temple. I drove back and make a stop near to this signage. I asked a girl at the bus-stop and walaa! That's the road heading to the temple. Phew. Can't they just put up the same signage like at the bottom of the hill? Would it be difficult or a cost saving?

After visiting the temple, I headed to Sim-Sim Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is famous with its fresh seafood. It's a must try.

Fresh catch.


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