Day 3: Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sandakan Crocodile

The loo.
Feeding time.

A shy mother with her baby.

It's my foodie.

Swinging buddy.

The bus-stop.

It was raining while waiting orangutan to show up. Everyone was waiting and I was luckily I bought the raincoat. Everyone kept quite and waiting patiently. But before we were going to the feeding platform, for those tourists (local or international) not with travel agents, should have been brief by the guide from the centre. Like myself, I was abit confused with the arrangements. After buying a ticket, and the receptionist said, you can just walk up to the platform. I was like "Huh, that's it?" If anyone visited a tourist spot outside Sabah, they would surely provide a guide, be it you're local or international tourists, with/without travel agent, it's their job to promote the place.

Crocodile Farm.
It's surely a hilarius visit. Where in the world would a crocodile put to sumazau dancing? There is one place you can find, that is Crocodile Farm in Sandakan.


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