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nieces and nephew

Kah Lok aka Atan with his pal, Patrick.

Naughty Marion with her psp.

New Year, 2010!

Well, I know it's late. Anyway, I would like to wish to my friends, Happy New Year 2010! Now, we are celebrating Chinese New Year. Another great year to look ahead.

Towards the end of 2009, a wedding and an engagement took place.

Yours truly engagement - 26th December 2009.

Alison Wong and Anthony Soler - 28th December 2009.

Day 4: Puh Jih Shih Buddha Temple and Sim-Sim Seafood Restaurant

At the bottom of the hill, there was a signage for the temple but when you were up there, none! The road heading to the temple was not straight up, it was S! It's a winding road which I'm not familiar with. At the end, I reached Bandar Indah instead of the temple. I drove back and make a stop near to this signage. I asked a girl at the bus-stop and walaa! That's the road heading to the temple. Phew. Can't they just put up the same signage like at the bottom of the hill? Would it be difficult or a cost saving?

After visiting the temple, I headed to Sim-Sim Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is famous with its fresh seafood. It's a must try.

Fresh catch.

Day 3: Agnes Keith House, St Michaels and All Angels Church

It's very easy to find Agnes Keith House but not for St Michael and All Angels Church. I have the Sandakan Heritage Map. And I thought by reading that it would lead me direct to the Church. It turned out I had to drive around twice up and down the hill, trying to figure out the entrance of the Church. Finally I gave up driving up and down the hill, I stopped near the football field and start asking people. It turned out I went to the wrong way. There is no proper signages for the St Michael and All Angels Church be it by walking or driving.

Day 3: Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sandakan Crocodile

The loo. Feeding time.

A shy mother with her baby.

It's my foodie.

Swinging buddy.

The bus-stop.

It was raining while waiting orangutan to show up. Everyone was waiting and I was luckily I bought the raincoat. Everyone kept quite and waiting patiently. But before we were going to the feeding platform, for those tourists (local or international) not with travel agents, should have been brief by the guide from the centre. Like myself, I was abit confused with the arrangements. After buying a ticket, and the receptionist said, you can just walk up to the platform. I was like "Huh, that's it?" If anyone visited a tourist spot outside Sabah, they would surely provide a guide, be it you're local or international tourists, with/without travel agent, it's their job to promote the place.

Crocodile Farm. It's surely a hilarius visit. Where in the world would a crocodile put to sumazau dancing? There is one place you can find, that is Crocodile Farm in Sandakan.

Day 2: Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

Silver Langurs. The langurs are no longer afraid to humans. They have become so familiar with humans. During the feeding time of the Probocsis Monkey, they too will come to the viewing platform.

One of Art at the Centre.For more information about getting there, feeding time, check out Labuk Bay - Probocsis Monkey Sanctuary.