Day 1

Stayed at Sukau GreenView Bed & Breakfast. It's owned by En. Jamaluddin and is run by En. Sugi.

I enjoyed the fresh air breeze. I wish I could do it every weekend.

To get a place at Sukau Greenview, you can drop an email to En Jamaluddin at or Office No: 089 - 565266 H/p: 013 - 8696922 ( En.Jamaluddin Lias)

Accomodation rates:
RM30 per person
RM10 each (lunch and dinner)
There are 2 types of rooms: Fan or Air-Cond. All the rooms are twin-bedded.

River cruising rates:
RM 35 Sunset River Cruising
RM 45 Night River Cruising


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