14th December: Its a tradition. Christmas Dinner! Well, its down to 2 of us. Everyone has its own way of doing things. This year we had a special place to celebrate, Mosaic Restaurant @ Hyatt. It's recommended by Edith Julius, one of the managers at Hyatt. A cosy little restaurant. From the look of it, the restaurant cannot fit more than 50 people at a time. We tried Hot Stone dishes. Sounds great, huh wait till you tried it, it's pretty cool.

We tried Hot Stone Mix meal, it has chicken, lamb and salmon. It's something different from other restaurant where you get to cook your own dinner on the spot. You will hear sizzle, and incredible aroma of the meal cooking right in front of you. The stone is heated on the stove and taken to your table where you can cook for up to 30 minutes. The price for this mix meal is abt rm45++.

Overlooking Upperstar Cafe & Bar.

A complimentary dessert from Linda's friend who happened to work with the restaurant.


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