How to give yourself a foot spa at home

How to pamper your feet without causing a high cost foot spa? It's simple. You do it at home. This is the opportunity to give yourself to relax and inexpensive foot spa.
Step 1:
Get a flat tub big enough for your feet, fill it with warm water sufficient to cover your feet or a bit more to your ankle, add a cup of Epsom Salt and soak your feet for 20 minutes. I will tell you why Epsom Salt in later post.

Step 2:
Get rid of dead skin. Once you've soaked your feet, there will likely be a lot of loose dead skin on your feet. The most laborious part of your at-home foot spa will be exfoliating your feet. Take the time to remove all of the dead skin from your tootsies using a pumice stone or a foot file. You can use an exfoliating foot cream to aid in the exfoliating process if you like. When your feet have no more dry skin or calluses on them, rinse them off and pat them dry.

Step 3:
Put moisture back in your feet. Continue your foot spa by applying moisture to your feet. An intense moisturizer is best for your feet after a foot spa, but you'll need to be able to sit for a while until it all soaks in. If you don't have that kind of time, any kind of skin moisturizer will do. Rub cream all over both feet, and don't forget your ankles and your calves too.

Step 4:
Do your nails. :)


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