dear feet

After 2 weeks in a row of becoming kuli, i pampered myself with foot spa. Well, I had planned with Linda weeks ago. Last Sunday, after morning breakfast with bert, I went home and set out to fetch Linda. We headed to Lintas to try foot spa. What is foot spa anyway? As far as I know, manicure and pedicure and thats it. Foot spa - A luxurious soak in a warm foot spa/bath helps relieve aches and pains. Sounds cool to you?

Talking Nails. We saw this shop while we had our yamcha session. The shop looks kinda cool from outside. Foot spa. I never tried one. We're quite lucky. Upon reaching there, they directly attended us as they only had 1 client that time. FYI, only 3 clients can be attended per session as they have 3 comfy sofa only.
2 beautificians attending your legs?? Cool huh.. Firstly, they would clean your feet. Soaked in the basin. Then remove the old nail polish.

Beautician tools.

Foot massage, how should I put, it's very mild massage. If you're thinking a good one, find others. They also have foot reflexology but we didn't take it. Maybe next time. Then scrub, scrub to make the feet looks attractive and healthy. Exfoliation removes dead skin.

If im not mistaken, we had the green tea extract package. Then the green tea extract is applied on the feet and covered with plastic. After a while the cuticles are trimmed, legs were cleaned and nail polished.

Dear feet, how do you feel? Better? Great. What I learned today, paying attention to your feet is also a good thing. And yeah, by doing this, its another method to release stress. Yippie!

Talking Nails
Business Hour: Mon - Sun: 9am - 8pm P. Holiday: 9am - 3pm
Close on every first & last week of monday.
Address: Ground Floor, Lot 9 , Block B, Lintas Square, Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Director / Image Consultant: Vanessa
HP: 019 873 2955


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