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Malaysia – European Union (Eu) Cooperation In Green Technology


Putrajaya, 29 September – The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water hosted a Dialogue between Hon. Datuk Peter Chin Kah Fui, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water and Ambassadors of European Union (EU) in Malaysia on Malaysia-EU Cooperation in Green Technology (GT). The main objective of the Dialogue was to forge Malaysia-EU cooperation in GT. This dialogue signals an important message and commitment that “Going Green” is the way forward towards creating an economy that is based on sustainable development.

The Malaysia side was led by the Minister and the delegation comprised officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Pusat Tenaga Malaysia, Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara, Gre…

Go Green!

I just signed a petition GreenSURF - Sabah Unite to Re - Power the Future. Sabah against coal plant. Period. Some people are so ignorant and it is about our nature, we want to know what the future holds. Yah, electricity is important but hey, air and water are equally important? We need clean air, water consumed everyday for good health. What if those taken from us? If there is no water or no air, everything on earth would perish.

For Budget 2010, government introducing Green Technology. Is that a laughing stock? Here the excerpts of the Budget 2010


To further promote the development of green technology activities, the Government will:

First: Restructure the Malaysia Energy Centre as the National Green Technology Centre tasked with formulating a green technology development action plan. This Centre will function as the focal point to set standards and promote green technology. To intensify green awareness activities and practise environmen…

Happy feet

The finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet. ~Isadora Duncan

Atan chai

A lazy sunday for me. We're visiting my sister in Foh Sang. Checking out how's Atan doing, thats how my dad would call my sister's son. His name is Ka(h) Lok. He's a happy boy and getting fatter each day. His face has the marks, looks like circle. We're not so sure what's that marks is. But my sister's nanny said, it will goes off as he grows. If the weather is hot, you'll see the marks but when the weather is cooling, you wouldnt see the marks. Like chipsmore. :)


Black Pepper Roasted Chicken, anyone? It's Desa Chicken. Available at Damai. RM 17.50/whole chicken. They have 4 flavours: Ayam Percik, Black Pepper, Rosemary(Herbs) and Curry Honey. Anyone who is lazy like me, get this roasted chicken and serve it for lunch/dinner. It will be a a good idea. Or you want to organize some events and you don't have time to cook, this, will be a great idea too. :)

Epsom Salt

Have your heard Epsom Salt? I never until last year. You can buy Epsom Salt at any Guardian Outlet at RM 5.70/box. I used it to soak with my feet but some people using it for fertilizer, fabric softener, etc.

What is Epsom Salt?
Magnesium sulfate is a chemical compound containing magnesium and sulfate, with the formula MgSO4.

What is known for?
Its mineral rich and soothing properties. When absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath salt soak, Epsom Salt is believed to draw toxins from the body, reduce swelling, and relax muscles.

I read an article about it and it has 13 wonderful ways to use or perhaps more. Here is the summary from the article.

1. Relaxing and sedative bath
2. Foot soak
3. Soak sprains and bruises
4. Splinter remover
5. Face cleaner
6. Homemade skin mask
7. Skin exfoliator
8. Remove excess oil from hair
9. Remove hairspray
10. Hair volumenizer
11. Detox bath
12. Body scrub
13. Healing powers

I'll stick to my item [2] :) And I'm happy about it.

How to give yourself a foot spa at home

How to pamper your feet without causing a high cost foot spa? It's simple. You do it at home. This is the opportunity to give yourself to relax and inexpensive foot spa. Step 1: Get a flat tub big enough for your feet, fill it with warm water sufficient to cover your feet or a bit more to your ankle, add a cup of Epsom Salt and soak your feet for 20 minutes. I will tell you why Epsom Salt in later post.
Step 2: Get rid of dead skin. Once you've soaked your feet, there will likely be a lot of loose dead skin on your feet. The most laborious part of your at-home foot spa will be exfoliating your feet. Take the time to remove all of the dead skin from your tootsies using a pumice stone or a foot file. You can use an exfoliating foot cream to aid in the exfoliating process if you like. When your feet have no more dry skin or calluses on them, rinse them off and pat them dry.
Step 3: Put moisture back in your feet. Continue your foot spa by applying moisture to your feet. An intense mois…

dear feet

After 2 weeks in a row of becoming kuli, i pampered myself with foot spa. Well, I had planned with Linda weeks ago. Last Sunday, after morning breakfast with bert, I went home and set out to fetch Linda. We headed to Lintas to try foot spa. What is foot spa anyway? As far as I know, manicure and pedicure and thats it. Foot spa - A luxurious soak in a warm foot spa/bath helps relieve aches and pains. Sounds cool to you?

Talking Nails. We saw this shop while we had our yamcha session. The shop looks kinda cool from outside. Foot spa. I never tried one. We're quite lucky. Upon reaching there, they directly attended us as they only had 1 client that time. FYI, only 3 clients can be attended per session as they have 3 comfy sofa only.
2 beautificians attending your legs?? Cool huh.. Firstly, they would clean your feet. Soaked in the basin. Then remove the old nail polish.

Beautician tools.

Foot massage, how should I put, it's very mild massage. If you're thinking a good one, find…

Top TIPS to live healthily

1. Move More
WHO is lazy bump? Think again. Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move about physically. Brisk walk everyday, Climb the stairs instead of using escalator/lift. Go cycling, swimming, jogging or to your neighbourhood gym. Remember the key word is REGULAR - which gives the benefit.

2. Eat a Balanced diet
Well, I do like junk food. ermm, sometimes, it depends on my mood. :) Who doesn't?
Strive to include natural food with nutrients-dense in your diet everyday, in moderate portions. Consume more vegetables, fruits, and wholegrains. Cut down sugar, white flour, processed oils and high-fats dairy or excess animal protein. Avoid fried and junk food.

3. Take Quality Nutritional Supplements
Yeah, we do need supplements to replenish our body.
Educate yourself and choose the right type of supplement to compensate any deficient nutrion in your diet. Consult a reliable and reputable nutritional care provider.

4. Protect Yourself From Toxins
We are expose to toxins everyday and someti…

Why YOU should RUN!

I have lower pulse rate. Then, there were so many bad thoughts running in my head. At the end, I found out that running lowers my pulse rate. Phewww... But for those who is having lower pulse rate must have a check if and only you are a potato couch person! It's not a normal rate. Go get a checkup.

... lowers blood pressure
... helps have an easier pregnancy and birth
... improves thinking process
... gives a younger and healthier body
... helps sleep better
... improves complexion and skin becomes more smoother
i like all the above reasons!

Read more @ BeatRunning - 25 reasons to run