Mt Kinabalu

When we reached this place, we were soaked in the rain. I quickly get the room keys and headed for a change of clothes. This was the scene at the Laban Rata. This is the only photo I shot in this place. Tooo tired and I was feeling fever. Having a pot of milo did the trick. I was feeling much better then we waited for about 30mins for the dinner to get ready. While waiting, I looked around and walaa, almost 90% were tourists. I really don't know, where are these people came from? I know my roommate is from Spain. Then I chatted with another couple from New Zealand and said 1 bunch of students came from UK for holiday.
Next day, Friday 10th July, we woke up about 1.30am. Then went down for breakfast before starting out journey. I couldn't sleep that night. The room was like sauna. And my stomach doesn't feel good. I make few trips to toilet that night. The minute I stepped out from the room, it's damn cold! I could hear the wind blowing outside and it doesn't sound good.
We waited our guide at the coffeehouse about 230am. I have like 4-5 t-shirts with me and plus a jacket. hahahahha. I couldn't bear the coldness of the morning at the moutain. Then we started our journey walking with the other groups. It started very easy. It was all staircases... up and up again. Fuh. Tired. Finally we reached the rope area after walking for few hours. I admitted that I really have height phobia. The moment I saw the rope, in my heart, how am I suppose to hold it! Ohh darn. Our guide was ahead from us and just assuming we have not much problem of holding the rope. I was trying to get hold of myself not to look down. I couldn't do that.
I have been reading alot of climber's experiences at the starting point of the rope area before this trip. It's quite scarry. Yeap, I did looked right and it didn't look pretty enough. *Gulp*. I could have fallen if I don't pay much attention to the rope I'm holding. Phew. There was a part where the stone is like 45-60 degrees slope. At that moment, I really don't know what to do. I was tired and I put my face on the stone and hugging it. hahahah. I did it twice. When I think about it now, the stone is pretty cold too. hahahah. The higher altitude we went the lesser the oxygen. We reached Sayat-Sayat about 4.45am. After walking few metres away from the hut, bert called it a quit. It was windy and cold. I was very shivering and having hard time to breath plus runny nose. :) The guide took us to a nearby hut where we stayed for awhile till dawn.

Bert woke me up and dragged me out to take photos. arghhh.. I really don't want to remove my gloves. It's just crazy! Finally I said OK. I took it off and my hands were shaking profusely. I hide at a telephone booth wish that wind wouldn't blow towards me. It proved me wrong, I had to go out in order to take photos. haiz. Here are few photos only I took while I'm at the mountain.

Here is the effect of taking shot with shaky hands. Ain't that good.

Nearly reaching the Timpohan Gate, it rained again. Soaked again! :) A bus was waiting for us and headed back to Registration Office. It was about 4pm that time and luckily the rain has stopped. We had our lunch at Balsam Cafe and I drove back to town. Bert couldn't move his legs. He had bad cramps. Luckily I'm not. If not, we had to stay another night at the park. arghhhh...

That's about my Mount Kinabalu trip. Great outing. I had fun. I will try again next time. And I have no idea when will it be.

Good advice from our guide is not to climb Mount Kinabalu in July and August! Big NO! It has been people missing during the period. Plus the weather is not permitted. Rain and rain!


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