Mt Kinabalu cont. p2

Wild Flower
Staircases. Fuh.. Endless staircases.
Delivery to Laban Rata. Porter 1.
Here is another one. Porter 2.

Look at the trees. It changes as we walked another mile.
You're above the clouds! Isn't that great?!

For every marker, I make it point to shot. But I didn't manage to shot the last km , I was super tired and soaked in the rain.
Another porter here. These people are making living to make end meets.

I managed to capture this little squirrel. They are waiting for tourist to give them food. And they are no longer afraid of tourists coming in and out to the forest.

Webby Little Nepenthes.
More to go.

Here I come.

This was the last hut I took my shot.

And the last marker for my album.

Fuhhh.. Look at it. Isn't that far to go? Look up there. That's where we heading.


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