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Tut.. tut...

I wonder what's with the 3 pad locks on top of the train.

Look who's here.....

Bath time with chirpy face.

My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 25th Aug....And he has no name yet. His dad is busy working. :)


Little pony tails.
Hewoo... little megan.

Mt Kinabalu

When we reached this place, we were soaked in the rain. I quickly get the room keys and headed for a change of clothes. This was the scene at the Laban Rata. This is the only photo I shot in this place. Tooo tired and I was feeling fever. Having a pot of milo did the trick. I was feeling much better then we waited for about 30mins for the dinner to get ready. While waiting, I looked around and walaa, almost 90% were tourists. I really don't know, where are these people came from? I know my roommate is from Spain. Then I chatted with another couple from New Zealand and said 1 bunch of students came from UK for holiday. Next day, Friday 10th July, we woke up about 1.30am. Then went down for breakfast before starting out journey. I couldn't sleep that night. The room was like sauna. And my stomach doesn't feel good. I make few trips to toilet that night. The minute I stepped out from the room, it's damn cold! I could hear the wind blowing outside and it doesn't sound …

Mt Kinabalu cont. p2

Wild Flower
Staircases. Fuh.. Endless staircases. Delivery to Laban Rata. Porter 1. Here is another one. Porter 2.

Look at the trees. It changes as we walked another mile.
You're above the clouds! Isn't that great?!

For every marker, I make it point to shot. But I didn't manage to shot the last km , I was super tired and soaked in the rain.
Another porter here. These people are making living to make end meets.

I managed to capture this little squirrel. They are waiting for tourist to give them food. And they are no longer afraid of tourists coming in and out to the forest.

Webby Little Nepenthes.
More to go.

Here I come.

This was the last hut I took my shot.

And the last marker for my album.Fuhhh.. Look at it. Isn't that far to go? Look up there. That's where we heading.


I imagine alot of you wondering if my notebook being stolen or my house flooded, again. Luckily it's not. It's pretty hectic lately. I wish I can draw it out here. Nevermind, I will just leave it in my office and only my photos are going to do the talking.