At the Sutera Sanctuary Lodges Office.

After you register, you have to pay the rest of the fees eg: Mountain Guide Fee, etc with Sabah Parks.
Rock Hostel

Grace Hostel.

Why is it a must to climb Mount Kinabalu? I don't know myself. Is it because of the height? or the scenery? The reasons could vary between others. People from the corner of the world making an effort to come to Sabah to climb Mount Kinabalu. What about we, local people or the whole Malaysia? Are we proud that we are having the tallest mountain in the south east asia (i wonder whether it is still in the ranking, you got to check that out) ? I could say the percentage is small.

Last year Melissa suggested that we climb the mountain. I was putting my name into her friend's lists. It was December last year when we talked about the climbing. And I trusted her friends to arrange for the booking. Suddenly in January, her friend said, we, the second batch of people couldn't get a place. I was so frustated and so did, Mel. Mel said she really wanted to climb. I quickly make a call to Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. After few ding, dongs, I secured a place. 9-10th July is the date. 8th July, we're going to stay at the park at Liwagu Suite. It will be awesome I thought. :)

When the day comes, Mel could not make it to KK. She was sick due to the weather, headache, flu, etc. And so left me and bert. We started off early, 6 o'clock in the morning on the 8th to Ranau. Had our breakfast at Towering then headed to Ranau. Upon reaching the National Park, I arranged for the next day climbing. Suddenly the officer told me that our room has been upgraded to Nepenthes Lodge! Isn't that great?
Here I let the photos do the talking and enjoy!

This is Nepenthes Lodge. It's like semi-detached.
Upon entering, you'll see the staircase that leads you to the living room, dining place and kitchen.
The guest room.

The master bedroom.

The bathroom.

Living room.

Dining room.

The fireplace.

Great place to chill out with your friends. The weather is cooling, there is no hustle bustle of city life, no tension, no pollution and just surrendering our souls to the Mother Nature and unveil its hidden dimensions.


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