Mini Food Fair

14th June 2009: I drove to Kg Papaga which located in Papar. I took about 45mins to reached Kg Biau but I could not find Kg Papaga. And so I thought my good sense of direction would lead me to the place but finally I could not help it to call my friend, Lenny in Papar. Luckily she was just after church. She came to the rescue. haha. The day before I asked her for direction and her hubby gave the wrong direction. He said go straight after entering from Old Papar Road to Kg Biau and look for a school on the left side. And walaaa, I could not see any school.
I waited near the cemetery and after 10mins, they showed up for the rescue. They lead me to this village. Kg Papaga was having Mini Food Fair which was organized by HomeStay. Met few people including the person in-charge of HomeStay of Papar. He was kindly enough to brief me how's the HomeStay programme works.
Anyone wish to experience homestay in Papar, why not give it a try. It would be great fun. Eating butot - a local delicacy, Sago Palm's worm. yum yum
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