Kaamatan at Kg Nambazan


Aubrey's brother in Kadazan costume, Andrew.

Donald Stephen. I was expecting Bernard Dompok to come and officiate. The Kaamatan team managed to get hold of Dompok but at the last minute, he had to cancelled and asked Donald for replacement. Anyway, this guy, kinda cool abit. When I was about to leave the place, he sing a song and before that he said, "Siapa cakap orang politik tidak pandai nyanyi?" ( Who says politican cannot sing)

What I like this photo.. A modernization mix with culture. A pink umbrella with Kadazan costume. Ain't that cool?

28th June 2009: What you see here, some zinai/nenek/grandma was trying their luck on peeling off the betel nut. It's one of the activities during the Kaamatan Day. Do you see the hands? The hands age gracefully.


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