uninvited guest

at Fish Manhattan, 1Borneo.
They served our dinner 45minutes late. 2 supervisors apologized non-stop. 2 waitresses were asking us to repeat our orders and it was very unprofessional. Poor management.
I called one of the waitress and asked why our food has not been served while other tables that came later than us has been served. So, she went in to kitchen and she said it so loud and actually the whole restaurant could hear "itu customer sudah marah. mana sudah itu order meja **?" later followed by "shhhh".
And I always thought they have very good management. I have been to this place lotsa times and never, never treated like this. Bad.
While 'enjoying' the food, uninvited guest was visiting. It was SO huge! The place must be dirty, somewhere in the restaurant, or their bad mouth. hahahaha.


  1. haha.. waw.. new restaurant but old flies.. XD


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