a lazy day.

Last Sunday, we went to Kiulu for sightseeing. It was pretty hot day and we saw some water rafting managed by RiverBug. Kewl. Well, we did not BBQ nor play the water. I just took some shots, went around the kampung and headed back to town. :)

Kiulu River is another destination for water rafting adventure lover. It's rated as Grade I - II. I did Padas River white water rafting 5 years back for my very first and last. But it's awesome. Kiulu River rafting can be refer as honeymoon rafting. It does not offer much excitement but for those beginner, might be. Along the river, you can find kampungs where they keep the river clean. There will be a penalty for those outsider or villager themselves who is trying catching fish. Annually, they (orang kampung) would catching fish together and distribute it to their families equally. It must be the Tagal system. ‘Tagal’ is a Dusun word which means prohibition of catching fish in certain rivers for one or two years. It is a great way to conserve the river quality and its habitat.


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