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A reason to celebrate...

I always wanted a tattoo but it took me ages to decide.

I do. *clap*clap*

Beautiful cupcakes.

Ohhh Samantha, dear.
I am tired.


the weather was not permitted. After 2 shots, I had to go home. I felt few drop of rains and quickly I packed my stuff and headed home. sigh. I came so far just for 2 shots! grr.. It was a hot day during the day and I thought it would be cool to have night shots. Well, I got it all wrong.

A friend

A friend is like a shade tree Beside a summer way.
A friend is like the sunshine That makes a perfect day.
A friend is like a flower That's worn close to the heart.
A friend is like a treasure With which one will not part.

a lazy day.

Last Sunday, we went to Kiulu for sightseeing. It was pretty hot day and we saw some water rafting managed by RiverBug. Kewl. Well, we did not BBQ nor play the water. I just took some shots, went around the kampung and headed back to town. :)Kiulu River is another destination for water rafting adventure lover. It's rated as Grade I - II. I did Padas River white water rafting 5 years back for my very first and last. But it's awesome. Kiulu River rafting can be refer as honeymoon rafting. It does not offer much excitement but for those beginner, might be. Along the river, you can find kampungs where they keep the river clean. There will be a penalty for those outsider or villager themselves who is trying catching fish. Annually, they (orang kampung) would catching fish together and distribute it to their families equally. It must be the Tagal system. ‘Tagal’ is a Dusun word which means prohibition of catching fish in certain rivers for one or two years. It is a great way to cons…

Random shots

KDCA entrance.

Maggie, Nescafe, Milo and ? trucks.

Smokey ayam, satay panggang. He is the happy man after I took his photo.

Some mascot does not want to miss the fun at KDCA. XKL Cafe. hmm. I never heard of it. Looks like a peanut.
a 'lost' caucasian joining aramaiti. and darn he loves it!

the dancers. beautiful ladies.

An old lady playing the gong. She is keeping the tradition alive.

Huguan Siao Dance

Normally I would be at home when it comes to Harvest Festival. I don't really like the idea joining overcrowded KDCA, Penampang. Every year, KadazanDusun Murut communities would come down to KDCA to perform their best for public viewing on 30th and 31st May. Be it cultural dancing, selling beads, singing and lots more. I reached the Murut house and coincidently there was on going performance. The magunatip and blowpipe were highlights at the Murut house. And to my surprise, Kadazan Dusun paramount chief Pairin Kitingan was there. Then I heard few people there were saying, "That's Huguan Siao dance", in another words "paramount chief's dance".

Look who has landed at KDCA?

Kitty and SpongeBob! I never know they are friends. 2 little kids playing happily with their balloons while their parents busy-ing aramaiti.

uninvited guest

at Fish Manhattan, 1Borneo. They served our dinner 45minutes late. 2 supervisors apologized non-stop. 2 waitresses were asking us to repeat our orders and it was very unprofessional. Poor management. I called one of the waitress and asked why our food has not been served while other tables that came later than us has been served. So, she went in to kitchen and she said it so loud and actually the whole restaurant could hear "itu customer sudah marah. mana sudah itu order meja **?" later followed by "shhhh". And I always thought they have very good management. I have been to this place lotsa times and never, never treated like this. Bad. While 'enjoying' the food, uninvited guest was visiting. It was SO huge! The place must be dirty, somewhere in the restaurant, or their bad mouth. hahahaha.