O Dunkin Donut

Back in school days, I love to eat donuts by Dunkin Donuts. The donut was so fresh and tasted good. It's just irresistible. Last week I had a teabreak with an old friend. We ordered 6 pieces. Now I get to understand why Big Apple making a business despite Dunkin Donuts has been around longer than Big Apple.
Now, the dough is no longer fresh.
I am sad.


  1. Dunkin donut is old school laa..

    now...big apple is making donut hot and fresh. they bake then and there....another one Krispy Kreme

  2. uawaaaaaaa......

    yeap i saw the upcoming Krispy Kreme in MidValley.

    Big Apple's donut is small bah. :) Plus they dont have custard flav. hehe

  3. Fresh and tasty food make us happy!
    Seeing your picture, I feel hungry.

    Um, what is a Big Apple?
    I've never heard of it in Amagasaki,Japan.
    New donut shop?

    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi Marukatsu!

    Yeap, Big Apple is another donut shop. Check out their website:


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