My Graduation Day!

11th April 2009 - was my RCIA Graduation Day. A year journey came to an end. I'm going to miss my classmates. Muaah.
I had fun that night. Before the mass started, we were outside and it was DARK. It's like earth hour. haha. I felt funny. Standing and pukul nyamuk away, we continued chit-chatting.
"Hows the father going to baptise us?"
"I heard he's going to pour water on us 3 times oo"
Then my friend started acting on how to bow to the father and showed his peace finger at the back. We all laughed. Then,
"I heard cikgu said we're going to get a slap from the father."
"How he tampar lar"
"Let's do the matrix style"


  1. Congratulation wendy! di st micheal you took 3 in 1..
    welcome ya..and May God blessed.


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