Ayam Daging

hey, little kiddo.. this chick is dormant. it will just stand there and look around.

Meat Chicken. My mum said it will grow bigger than the ayam kampung. Fatter in another word. Who loves chicken? Go rear this chick. :)


  1. the same ayam? wat happen to the fur...u go cabut kah?!!

  2. hahahahhaa.. different ayam lar.. look carefully. this one is bigger than the other one. the feather, it is like dat o.

  3. not ayam maybe..tu burung vulture maybe..haha

  4. sexy chick..now i understand that term. ahaahah

  5. lol.. vulture.. hahah.. sexy chick lagi.. lol..
    later i ask my mum.. she said something like 'kong kiang kai'.. haiz.. forgotten. i heard something like dat.

  6. ooo kong kiang kai (bald necked chic) this is how it looked like when it was young.

  7. yeap. hahaha.. how is it looks like when it gets older?? i wonder. haha. i have to wait for 4-5months.


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