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As I'm writing this post now, I'm feeling little nervous for this event tonight. I know God since I was in primary school back in 1985 till 1990. Stella Maris Primary School is a mission school, headed by nuns back then. As I could recalled, we used to go the convent to listen stories about church, Adam and Eve, palm sunday, singing, rosary, etc. It was fun. We even learned how to say Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. It's in back in my head till now.

After over than 20years searching for a religion, I finally putting it to an end. Last year I signed up RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). It takes one year duration of RCIA journey. Where have I been for the past 20 over years? I'm a church goer for the past years. I used to follow friends to masses. While in uni, I always followed Melissa to go mass. It's like we never miss a mass on sunday. Then Linda, she likes to nag me, going to church. I still remembered at one occasion. It was at the Sacred Heart Hall. It was a healing prayer meeting. Church members can go infront and the respective person/warden would put their hand on member forehead and pray. Whoever feel the spirit touching the soul, normally they would faint and Linda did. I laughed that time as I was not ready for that.

This morning I attended Holy Saturday mass. All the catechumen were there. The priest annointed us with the oil. Later we proceed to the hall for bible verse reflection. Thank you, Veronica for the sharing. John 6: 63-71. My teacher said the sponsor must accompany the catechumen throughout the journey and I'm very grateful for having Veronica as my sponsor.
I have been brought up in Buddhist and Catholic ways. It is a good way for us, children, to search for our own religion. One in our lessons in RCIA, my teacher said, One can search their own religion rather than regretting later on. It's an open decision.

And now, I have choose mine.

Hi Natalie.


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