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O Dunkin Donut

Back in school days, I love to eat donuts by Dunkin Donuts. The donut was so fresh and tasted good. It's just irresistible. Last week I had a teabreak with an old friend. We ordered 6 pieces. Now I get to understand why Big Apple making a business despite Dunkin Donuts has been around longer than Big Apple. Now, the dough is no longer fresh. I am sad.


MidValley KTM station

and keep waiting for the KTM to arrive. It always late and the train 'sardined' with people. It was soo crammy and congested.

When it's not a routine..

It's never easy to lose a loved one. My grandma left us on 24/Apr/2009 aged 78 years old. The burial service was on 27/Apr/2009.
"Death is at once
"The end of the body’s
"Old journey
"And the beginning of the soul’s
"New journey."
"~ author unknown ~

My Graduation Day!

11th April 2009 - was my RCIA Graduation Day. A year journey came to an end. I'm going to miss my classmates. Muaah.
I had fun that night. Before the mass started, we were outside and it was DARK. It's like earth hour. haha. I felt funny. Standing and pukul nyamuk away, we continued chit-chatting. "Hows the father going to baptise us?" "I heard he's going to pour water on us 3 times oo" Then my friend started acting on how to bow to the father and showed his peace finger at the back. We all laughed. Then, "I heard cikgu said we're going to get a slap from the father." "How he tampar lar" "Let's do the matrix style" haha..

Holy Saturday

Station of the Cross

Father Julius and Cikgu Alex (Alexander Yapp)

Our Station of the Cross was at Bukit Tivung in Tanaki area (If I'm not mistaken). Well, this is not a must event to all the cathecumen but as for me, it is a good exercise and plus a good way to know God better. Anyway, these photos will walk you till the top of the hill. Unfortunatelly I didnt managed to take photo on the fourth station. Each of the station we had to stop and few of us has been given the task to read a verse. And I was the reader for the 4th station. :) Enjoy!


Waitresses are happily chatting while waiting for customers to come.

A gateway

Are you ready?

As I'm writing this post now, I'm feeling little nervous for this event tonight. I know God since I was in primary school back in 1985 till 1990. Stella Maris Primary School is a mission school, headed by nuns back then. As I could recalled, we used to go the convent to listen stories about church, Adam and Eve, palm sunday, singing, rosary, etc. It was fun. We even learned how to say Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. It's in back in my head till now.
After over than 20years searching for a religion, I finally putting it to an end. Last year I signed up RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). It takes one year duration of RCIA journey. Where have I been for the past 20 over years? I'm a church goer for the past years. I used to follow friends to masses. While in uni, I always followed Melissa to go mass. It's like we never miss a mass on sunday. Then Linda, she likes to nag me, going to church. I still remembered at one occasion. It was at the Sacred Heart…

Ayam Daging

hey, little kiddo.. this chick is dormant. it will just stand there and look around.

Meat Chicken. My mum said it will grow bigger than the ayam kampung. Fatter in another word. Who loves chicken? Go rear this chick. :)

Ayam Kampung

"i'm the inspector." this chick kinda active. it walks around the minute you put it out from the box.

"what's in there?"

village chicken in english? haha.. i don't know. my sister bought it at Gaya Street today. RM 3 per chick. My mum is going to rear it till my sister due in August.


Archbishop John Lee was sharing his homily last Saturday. It's a great one.
"For those people who are proud and close to church, one is not careful enough will fall. " A good example: Judas and Peter. Despite being warned, Peter has denied Jesus three times.
"Challenges makes us grow." I just love this. I finally found the answer.

My kindergarten at Stella Maris 1984

last row: ernie jason, gary, marvel, greg, alan fung, thomas, richard, archilles, esther sevilin, jenny marcus, martin, maurice
middle: allan, brolin, eric winning, clare, veronica, aries, me, donny, chester mopilin, antonius
front row: norris, christino, jimmy moloyos, adriana welson, emily, melvin, gerald chua, shirley alfred, rosemary, dorothea, jeniffer poloi, regina leong, doris.

behind: clare, adriana welson, doris, me, dorothea, aries henry, rosemary, regina
front: esther sevilin, shirley alfred, june fiona lansing, jennifer poloi, veronica, jenny marcus, emily.Veronica, Regina, me. We are still in contact till now. Veronica is my sponsor for my upcoming baptism, communion and confirmation (3-in-1).