Running again...

Naked sushi waiting in the line.

Thank you HSBC for the free voucher. I had my free dinner at Sushi King with Linda. Well, frankly I don't really like Sushi King. I don't like the set meals, it fills with VEGE!
Earlier this year, I was eagerly to run again. I packed my jogging stuff in a bag and took it to office. And so, my poor jogging bag has been sitting for 2 months plus and finally, I decided to take it home a couple of weeks ago. It has been raining for the past 2 months and work, lazy and thousand of reasons not to run.
Finally yesterday, I break the laziness! Act with passion, energy and enthusiasm, this is how you break the laziness!
1. 23rd Mar 2009, 1.5KM, Sutera Harbour.
I had to cut it short. Blame my runny nose.


  1. heheh finally use the voucher!

  2. Wow, when I saw the pictures first, I thought you are in Japan!
    What is Sushi King?
    I never see the restaurant in Japan.
    Running is good for our health, I agree.
    But I prefer to read a book!
    Yes,I'm lazy!
    Have a nice day!

  3. rach: hehe ya.. finally. The Sushi King's manager asked me whether I want to pay in credit card after the RM30 off from the bill. My balance to pay was about rm6.++ only and he added "You'll get 10% off if you swipe your credit card!". hahaha darn. My sanity is still intact.
    I hope HSBC has another restaurant's voucher to give away. hahaha.

    marukatsu: It's just another Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. We have tons of it. :) This is one of the famous restaurant in town. Here is their website for your reference:

  4. i like the sushi king picture..sambil makan ambi gambar.

    can take a pic also while jogging ..;-)

  5. yes! lets do the photowalk this sunday at gaya street first..! yang best when it's almost finish, sikit orang..and banyak samaph! h ehehe

  6. ho ho ho..bagus2 u kasi habis the 3 in 1 dulu..
    myself pun ada pmg juga every sun mornin after mass that's why kalu i go gaya st pun tinggal sisa2 only..


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