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Travelling to Taipei-Macau-Hong kong : Budget Travel Guide 2017

After such a long hiatus, unexpected blog break, it's me again blogging about my recent backpacking.

I guess it is an odd trip to Taipei then Macau and Hong Kong. Normally people do not travel this kind of route. People would just stick to Macau and Hong Kong only. Unless it is a tour. Yes, i checked through online, there is one company offering this route Taipei-Macau-Hong Kong via London.

I was thinking why need 3 days to Macau. Some says a day is enough to see Macau. I read a lot of blogs, almost 99% had a day trip to Macau. My last trip to Macau and Hong Kong was in September 2007. It was 10 years ago. That time, Macau was a transit for us to go Hong Kong. I didn't spend a good whole day in Macau. It was a brief visit. It made me thinking, what Macau could offer us in 3 days.

Building itinerary is a very challenging task when you travel with a group of friends. From accomodation, transportation, money, food, etc. Of course, 1 thing always our priority is budget. Trying to…

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