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Travelling to Japan for 2 weeks : Budget Travel Guide

12 places/cities in 2 weeks? Yes, you heard me. It is doable and I did it. There are people out there, they just do more than me. I can say, I am pretty laid back.

1. Tokyo
2. Hakone
3. Hakata
4. Nagasaki
5. Osaka
6. Miyajima
7. Hiroshima
8. Himeji
9. Kobe
10. Nara
11. Nagoya
12. Kyoto

4 nights in Tokyo 2 nights in Hakata 8 nights in Osaka
Osaka is my base to explore the surrounding  7 area/cities - Miyajima, Hiroshima, Himeji, Kobe, Nara, Nagoya and Kyoto.
Flew in to Haneda Airport at 10:30pm. I was worried that we cannot make it to take the last train to our first accommodation. Japanese Immigration was all good, easy breezy and we all done at 11:30pm. Quickly to the train station right outside the departure hall.

Check out this link > Haneda Airport - 2nd Floor Arrival Lobby Access Hall

1. 1 Night > Otorii > Guest House Sensu
2. 3 Nights > Shinjuku > Airbnb 
3. 2 Nights > Hakata > Airbnb
4. 8 Nights > Osaka > Airbnb

Average per night per per…
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I recently came back from 2 weeks long trip to Japan. What's the feeling? Accomplished? Satisfied? Awesome? Tired? I did it? Happy?

Yay! All sorts of feeling. As usual, I took more than 6 months to prepare ourselves to the Land Of Rising Sun. I hate the feeling being lost and could not figure on what to do next. For any overseas trip, I never give a second thought not to do research before going to the trip. It is always, always research and reading.
One could think that is tiresome, bored, read again and again. Well, for me, it is an opportunity getting to know a place. Even the place is not in my itinerary, it is a valuable knowledge. Second could say, "Why don't you take tour? It solved the hassle". I don't like to be on the bus all the time. I don't like to wait for everyone. I don't like too many people. I don't like to listen the tour guide, I don't like the fixed itinerary. I love flexibility, freedom, adventure, walk the city, use public …

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Travelling locally, overseas or within your neighborhood, you always getting someone to accompany you. It's best to travel with someone who is fascinated by the unknown places and new experiences.

It's very exciting to travel places together with your friends however at the same it is the time also stress-test for a friendship - being in new surrounding, different foods, different culture, different languages. To some, it is a challenges to your friendship.

Everyone knows how to blend it comes to a situation. On the other hand, imagine your travel companion refused to blend in. It makes the whole travelling experience more stiffer than enjoyable. When you have planned a lot for the trip, it is the worse could happen when someone dragging everybody down by not having together.

I traveled before with a group of 6, 4, 3 and 2. My best group is always group of 3 or 4. I will never go beyond 4 except for family trip - this is no doubt. The bigger group you joined, the bigger hassl…

2 weeks on Bali

Bali is never on my travel list. Making itinerary was less than 3 months, the fastest I guess. :)

I had a culture shocked while I was there. Most probably due to the timing. Upon landing, our driver has waited for us and I was still blur as I saw a lot of people waiting at the arrival hall. I was like... "We're not celebrity". Really really a lot of people.

On the way to Canggu, to our Airbnb villa, we stopped by at a cafe to grab some food to eat. I was so hungry. So we decided to grab donuts. Along the way to Canggu, a lot of beautiful shops, colorful, full of souvenirs. What amazed me was the road system. The road was so narrow however the amount of vehicles on the road, A LOT than my place. My culture shocked has not ended, it's just about to begin. Looking at the houses, roads, people, no tall buildings, I didn't see any fast food restaurant and there I was thinking, "Ohhh, this is it. This is BALI !" When we reached the villa, I was like "Yea…

Travelling to Taipei-Macau-Hong kong : Budget Travel Guide 2017

After such a long hiatus, unexpected blog break, it's me again blogging about my recent backpacking.

I guess it is an odd trip to Taipei then Macau and Hong Kong. Normally people do not travel this kind of route. People would just stick to Macau and Hong Kong only. Unless it is a tour. Yes, i checked through online, there is one company offering this route Taipei-Macau-Hong Kong via London.

I was thinking why need 3 days to Macau. Some says a day is enough to see Macau. I read a lot of blogs, almost 99% had a day trip to Macau. My last trip to Macau and Hong Kong was in September 2007. It was 10 years ago. That time, Macau was a transit for us to go Hong Kong. I didn't spend a good whole day in Macau. It was a brief visit. It made me thinking, what Macau could offer us in 3 days.

Building itinerary is a very challenging task when you travel with a group of friends. From accomodation, transportation, money, food, etc. Of course, 1 thing always our priority is budget. Trying to…

Top 10 Hong Kong Tourist Attraction

Hong Kong Tourism board:

Hong Kong is a popular travel destination year round. The city enjoys a mild climate from the middle of September to the end of February, while the weather from May to mid-September can be hot, wet and humid, with August being the wettest month.

1. Avenue of Stars
2. The Peak
3. Ocean Park Hong Kong
4. Hong Kong Disneyland
5. Ladies Market
6. Temple Street Night Market
7. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
8. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
9. Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple
10. Clock Tower
Almost all I went except item [7] and [9]. Back then I didn't know the places are rated as Top 10 must see places. Wow, it's amazing I covered it. Being at Hong Kong Disneyland is amazing. You get to see Disney favourite's cast of characters.
Courtesy of Official Travel Guide from Hong Kong Tourism Board
Grand Palace.
I went there in July 2006. Awesome place.